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Mahua Chauhan

Writer, Director, Choreographer

Sikandar Lodhi

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Soni Chhabra

On Stage

Director's Note

A merger of treachery and greed is not the most dangerous. To be buried under the silence
is surely miserable, but it is still not the most dangerous.


To remain silent in the noise of corruption is surely miserable, but it is still not the most dangerous.

The most dangerous is that eye, which witnesses it all but remains frozen; the eye lost in
the blinding haze of a materialistic world, with everlasting darkness covering all the
doors and windows of existence.


The most dangerous deed is to be filled with dead silence, not feeling any agony against
the unjust and bearing it.


The most dangerous accident is the death of dreams.


Against all odds, Kabir lived his dreams and he could successfully ignite them in few others.

In the 15th century, his protest against all injustice is remarkable.

He not only talked about equality, minimalism and humility but he lived and died by those principles. In
today’s liberal society do we have that courage?

The presenter of our performance, “words” are suffering deep trauma of misuse and human torture.

They are yelling for freedom and narrating the saga of a laureate who placed them at a high pedestal and gave
them the deserved position.


Let us all take this first step towards brotherhood, love and affection enveloped with
tolerance and patience towards the one world "vasudhaiv kutumbkam"
Let us all invoke Kabir in us.

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