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Rashmi Kotriwala

On Stage

Rashmi Kotriwala is a well-known name in Dubai city and the Dubai Theatre Community.
Rashmi hails from Calcutta, West Bengal; She majored in Education and

has a Montessori diploma. She was teaching until 2006. She has lived in India, Doha and is here in the UAE since 2005.
This mother of two knows how to balance both work and life.

She is passionate about the arts. She has been involved in Theatre for 35 years intermittently.

For the last 8 years, she has been very regular in the Dubai Theatre scene

both on and off stage.

Her repertoire has a huge list of play including

The Mouse That Roared as Assistant Director and full-lengths like 12 Angry Jurors,

Andhon Ka Haathi & Last Of Red Hot Lovers as a Director.

She has been on stage in "Still Dancing" recently and been part of many full-lengths and short plays on stage.
Rashmi is the first winning Director of Short+Sweet Theatre Dubai

with her play Perfect Stillness winning the Best Play in Short+Sweet 2013.

She repeated this feat with a win in Short+Sweet Kolkata with her play

Screams and Whispers a few years back.

She has been nominated for various categories in

The Backstage/Junction Awards over the years. She has won best-supporting

actress and best director award in the past.

Winning is not new to her as she was awarded Outstanding Young Persons of Calcutta Award way back in 1998.
Apart from being one of the Co-founders of The Junction,

Rashmi has launched Short+Sweet Kolkata and most recently her

Hindi theatre group Udaan Dubai.

She also writes a regular column for Young Times on Theatre for Children and assesses scripts for International Festivals.
Rashmi's interest extends beyond Theatre and she likes painting and craft, cooking, folk and Bollywood dancing and writes poetry.

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